WIE 2011: Connecting With the Next Generation of Women Leaders by Arianna Huffington | November 23 2011

Last year, Sarah Brown, Donna Karan, and I co-hosted the inaugural WIE Symposium (Women: Inspiration & Enterprise). It was a remarkable event, bringing together inspiring women leaders, activists, entertainers, and entrepreneurs from across the globe -- all gathering to share our ideas, our experiences, and our desire to help make life better for women around the world. Read article

WIE Symposium 2011: HuffPost Women Talks The Future Of Media by Huff Post | September 19 2011

Today we are thrilled to be at the 2011 WIE Symposium's Inspiration Day. This morning we were excited to host a panel titled "Fearlessness: A Bold Vision for the Next Generation of Women in Media." Christina Norman, Executive Editor of Huffington Post Black Voices, moderated a discussion and we had a phenomenal lineup of panelists: Read article

See all the very latest from our friends at the Huffington Post by various authors | November 19 2011

Today we are thrilled to be at the 2011 WIE Symposium's Inspiration Day. This morning we were excited to host a panel titled "Fearlessness: A ... Read article

WIE Network Symposium By Sophie | March 8 2012

I started postgraduate study in September 2011 and since I have completed the first couple of modules, I have now started to think about what I want this qualification and studying to lead to - what does it all actually mean for me Read article

HuffPost UK Gets WIE Symposium Talking by Jon Nolan | May 9 2012

The Huffington Post UK partnered with the WIE Network (Women: Inspiration and Enterprise) for its inaugural London symposium at the Hospital Club yesterday, coinciding with International Women's Day. Read article

WIE Symposium: Inspiration, Empowerment for Women by Zain Iqbal | September 19 2012

The 66th session of the United Nations General Assembly gathers in New York this week to discuss a number of political, environmental, social and security issues that currently affect the globe. Piggybacking on the UN talks are several independent conferences that shine a spotlight on these same important issues. One of the more notable was the WIE (Women: Inspiration & Enterprise) Symposium hosted by Sarah Brown, Arianna Huffington, and Donna Karan. Read article

The WIE Network: Finding Common Ground by Deborah Stambler | September 17 2011

The second WIE Symposium is coming to town in a big way on September 18th and 19th. Co-founders of the WIE Network, Dee Poku and June Sarpong have put together a stellar lineup of women and men from the fields of politics, philanthropy, media, fashion, education and the arts to explore and discuss the very relevant question of "what it means to be a woman now." Read article

Maria Tornberg Collaborates with WIE Network Laura | June 15 2011

We had the pleasure of hosting a Creative Invite for Women: Inspiration and Enterprise (WIE) Network last year. They were looking for female filmmakers and film editors to submit their reel for the opportunity to produce the official video compilation of the 2010 WIE Symposium. Read article