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In the run-up to International Women’s Day on the 8th of March Digiwoo bri

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New Year, New Skincare.

It is not often that I get surprised by a beauty product, and being by and large

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WIE MADE IT:: Tailor-made careers forged by trailb

WIE are believers in taking chances. And it amazes us that so often the ascent t

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Fertility innovation: one-step closer to women 'Ha

It has been almost two years since Anne-Marie Slaughter’s famous (and in s

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Empowerment Through Choice

We all have choices to make. About our career, our family, our friends and much

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Helena Morrissey CBE Chairwoman / 30% Club


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"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. " C. S. Lewis


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NEW COMMENT Don't Give Up!
akin-alabi-morolake-inumidun says:

Wow!!!!!!! This is an amazing/ inspiring Story!!!! I love the fact that you shared your struggles which most budding entrepreneurs (like me) are facing! I am a young recent graduate in Nigeria and more and more I see my self as an entrepreneur. I have started selling some Poultry products in nice packs and I am growing everyday even though the profit is very little the experience is good for me. Thanks a lot!

NEW COMMENT It's Time For Our Own Ellen.
sofiafoster says:

Both great suggestions. I was having a chat about this to the exec producer of BAFTA a couple of weeks ago; his, how shall I say it 'Pat on the head' attitude wasn't very...inclusive; hence *shrug* here we are....

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You As A Brand

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